Best Commercial Beach Umbrella For Wind

When the WIND blows and the sun rises or sets, USEITT will be the only SHADE SOLUTION. Problem solved!

Patented Ball Joint Base, Commercial Beach & Patio Umbrella for Shade at any angle that won’t blow away.

  • Invented with 55+ years industry knowledge
  • 5 Year Guarantee on all part’s including canopy
  • Customize valence logo & canopy colors *
  • * Bulk orders can customize logo & color on our 9’ Commercial Beach Umbrella.

Our Goal – To provide the safest beach umbrella’s for beach goers while assisting the bottom line of beach rental companies.


Did you know that from 2012-2022 there were 32,764 umbrella-related injuries reported throughout the country, according to data from the product safety commission. Click on any of the News icons to see how deadly it can be when umbrellas blow away into the wind.

USEITT’s Innovation Doesn’t Stop!

Since the invention of the first umbrella the same two problems have plagued the industry: WIND and the rising and setting sun. USEITT’s patents solve both problems.

  • 5 Year Guarantee on all part’s including canopy
  • Invented with 55+ years industry knowledge
  • 360° of motion, and a 35 ° range tilt angle
  • Bulk orders can customize logo & canopy color on our 9′ Umbrella
  • 4 Beach anchors with a selection of 14″ or 20″ length

USEITT will keep you in the shade from sunrise to sunset with its one-of-a-kind Patented locking ball joint base. Simply set the desired tension and point the umbrella at sun. The USEITT umbrella will handle all the wind you are willing to bear.

Innovation & Invention

“I know what it takes to make a unique product line. One, it must be useful and two, it must be marketable.” – David LeAnna

Durability & Longevity

We put as much effort into designing USEITT’s durability as we did its functionality. Quality is just as important to us as design.

USEITT Commercial Beach Umbrellas Wholesale

We have used 98 USEITT Beach Umbrella’s at our Grand Beach And Sugar Beach Resorts in Michigan over the past two years. USEITT is the new era of umbrella’s and shade! –  John W.

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Commercial Beach Umbrellas Wholesale
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How It Works

What really sets USEITT apart from the traditional pointed stick beach umbrellas is you actually point the umbrella at the sun not into the wind without the worry of it blowing away. That’s why those pointed sticks are pointed into the wind because if they go airborne they become very dangerous flying harpoons for anyone on the beach and a liability for the hotels, cities, and the umbrella rental companies.

Meet Inventor: David LeAnna, and watch him explain why USEITT solves the two main problems plaguing the SHADE industry.

USEITT, LLC manufactures umbrellas that are the next era in beach and patio SHADE. Specifically designed for wind and shade all day!

9 Foot Beach Umbrella

USEITT is a 9 foot umbrella, bigger is definitely better when it comes to providing abundant shade & the fabric on USEITT is guaranteed not to fade for 5 years.


Patented Locking Ball Joint

USEITT will block the sun all day by merely pointing it at the sun, just set the desired tension on the ball joint by tightening the allen bolts (one time) and you’re good to go!


Telescoping Twist Lock

USEITT telescopes to your desired height but will not come apart. USEITT is held open with a twist lock so the fabric is always tight and looking good.