All of USEITT products are guaranteed for five years from date of purchase, to the original purchaser, against defects in materials and workmanship. The guarantee does not cover any damage due to acts of God, abuse, misuse, or vandalism incurred after purchase. For the guaranty to apply, products must be properly cared for and maintained.

The guaranty does not provide coverage or reimbursement for loss of use, time, inconvenience or other damages resulting from any defect in the product. Modifications to any product may void the guaranty.

Although our umbrellas have a patent pending design to withstand wind, USEITT does not recommend allowing umbrellas to remain open during storms or very strong winds. Customers are responsible for taking umbrellas down when winds reach unsafe conditions.
The guarantee for the canopy does not cover ripped, torn, or frayed fabric or seams. It covers the fabric losing color or strength from normal exposure conditions including sunlight, mildew, rot, and atmospheric gases.

Damaged umbrellas should not be used and USEITT should be notified by either calling

customer service at 877-873-4882

or sending an email to [email protected].

The part damaged will be replaced within 48 hours of receipt of the damaged part and coverage confirmed.