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Best Patio & Beach Umbrella For Wind

All in One USEITT 9′ Aluminum Universal Umbrella System

(3 customer reviews)


This Complete System For All Uses – Includes Patio Umbrella, Conversion Kit, and Tailgate Extension

Our Complete USEITT 9′ Aluminum Universal Umbrella System comes with:

  • Telescopic Pole With Finger-tight Deadlocks
  • Fiberglass Ribs
  • Olefin Five Year No Fade 9′ Canopy
  • Patented Dome Base For Wood Or Concrete Surfaces
  • Patented Base For Beach, Grass Or Ground Surfaces
  • Patented Ball Joint For Ease Of Moving Canopy Towards The Sun Without Moving Bases Or Chairs
  • Velcro Straps For Mounting Ground Base To Flat Surfaces
  • Vehicle Hitch Extension For Shade At Rear Of Vehicle

USEITT 9′ Aluminum Umbrella System with patented stylish dome base for use on wood or concrete surfaces such as pool patios, decks or docks and patented ball joint for ease of moving canopy towards the sun for shade all day without moving base or chairs!

USEITT Velcro straps for USEITT system use on picnic tables, bleachers, etc.
USEITT Vehicle Hitch Extension for USEITT system use in tailgating or other vehicle shade needs.

USEITT works equally well with your existing patio furniture table that has the hole in the center. You can also purchase a tray table from your favorite vendor similar to this Walmart tray table. White tray table shown in our gallery.

Complete System For All Uses – Engineered Specifically for Wind

5 Year Guarantee

Best Beach Umbrella For Wind, Best Beach Umbrella
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Product Reviews

You can USEITT on your concrete patio, wooden deck, at the beach, ball game basically anywhere you need shade.

(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for All in One USEITT 9' Aluminum Universal Umbrella System

  1. USEITT Club

    I absolutely love the beach and my 9-foot USEITT beach umbrella that keeps me in the shade all day no matter what time I get there or leave. I have purchased numerous beach umbrellas over the years that might last for a season or two, with USEITT’s 5 year guarantee I won’t need to buy another beach umbrella for a while. – Patti

  2. USEITT Club

    AWESOME !!!
    Doesn’t begin to describe the USEITT umbrella, I live in south Florida and use my umbrella at home on the patio and just about everywhere I go. To the park to watch my grandkids play youth sports and when I head to the beach, I anchor it to the sand. Occasionally I drive up to Daytona beach where you can drive on the beach then I use my two-inch receiver to support the umbrella. This is a tailgaters dream. I’m a transplant from Wisconsin GO-PACK-GO – Dave

  3. USEITT Club

    We have one of USEITT’s patio umbrellas and love it! The base is small but sturdy. It cannot blow over and this is a blessing as compared to our previous heavy, bulky base umbrella that ended up in the pool on windy days! Also, we no longer have to move the patio furniture or umbrella to stay in the shade all day. We just point it towards the sun as the sun moves and we have shade anytime.

    We have also just ordered the accessory kit so we can enjoy it on the beach as well! We highly recommend the USEITT umbrella! – Abby

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